Active Brand Manager

Active Brand Manager is a robust brand building technology.  ABM evaluates your presence online, then using multiple features crafts a plan of attack to strengthen who you are, what you do and how you do it.
Active Brand Manager has multiple packages available for your business starting with DIY access to the platform to utilizing Ascential Media's team (Our Digital Agency) to be your "Brand Builder".
If you choose to use our Digital Agency we can incorporate a number of techniques to build your brand.
  • Social reputation monitoring
  • Competitor Recon
  • Content syndication and/or creation
  • Positive review syndication
  • Social interaction with potential clients
  • Customer service interaction to reviews
  • Local "Boost" for enhancing posts
  • Strategically build fans & followers
  • Our all new "Review Engine" gives you the power over all your reviews and builds them into your site!

Ask how ABM can help your business and visit Active Brand Manager's site for even more information.

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