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Managing Paid Search is like managing wind!!  It is always changing directions and you have to be proactive!

Ascential Media | We Grow Your Business Through Target MarketingThere are a lot of PPC companies out there that you can trust with your advertising needs.  Some have patented technology, some depend on humans to manage the campaigns, some build them from scratch, some build on the history of other people's campaigns.  Most of them actually build it out with no testing and when it runs, it inevitably wastes your money as they try their best to get it right.  We build campaigns in a different way.  Establish your core needs, and build your campaign from the center out.  We establish success and maximize your potential on the things most important to your business.  Over time, we add additional objectives based  on the needs of your business.

We do what is best for you, and in turn it is best for us.  It's a unique philosophy that serves our clients well.

How Much Does Paid Search Cost?

Operating costs or management fees revealed....

There is no reason we shouldn't tell you how much of your money goes towards advertising unless we were afraid of something.

For example, if SearchLocal (a fictitious company) told you that they keep 50% of your money it could cause anxiety for their clients, and of course then you may wonder how many more leads you could get if MOST of your money went to paid search!

Another example why a company may hide their management fee is if they were embarrassed in taking your money as they are not doing the work!  If someone never makes changes to your program (Ascential Media can tell you if they do!) then why would they continue to charge you for services?

See below how much we charge to both build and manage your campaign to success!  Keep in mind, this fee is to actively manage your campaign and includes the cost of man-hours every month as well as features like tracking/recorded phone lines that allow us to optimize your campaign and deliver better results than most.  We call it "managing your success" or Ascential Assurance!

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