Pay Per Lead Performance Based Advertising

The internet is fractured.  You can't just advertise on Google to acquire all the clients you need to operate a successful business.  Long gone are the days where you could buy an ad in your local phone book and receive an abundance of sales.

We recognize this and have developed a Pay-Per-Lead model we think makes a lot of sense for local businesses.  For $799 annual membership/build fee and as low as $25 per lead. We have developed a very thorough coverage of websites that are outside the normal Google and Yahoo purchases.  This helps you expand your coverage and to cast a wider net to catch the fish you are looking for.

Customers tell us the best part of this program is that you only pay for sales leads.  If a call comes in and it is a wrong number on the recorded line, simply send us an email and we credit your account.  If it is a solicitation/nuisance call, send us an email and we credit your account.  It is that simple!

Since this is an extremely valuable opportunity, if you find the program results have met your needs, you can renew at over 35% discount, $499 annual membership!  We value this opportunity and want to help you succeed long term.


You will be placed on Popular Local Business Sites, Yellow Pages Sites, Mobile Phone Directories, Local Business Sites, SEO Specialty Landing Pages, Maps, and more
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