Manage Local Listings

Managing your brand online today is increasingly more difficult than when the web began.  In the past you managed your brand online solely through your website.  You created it, you managed it, and it was your online extension of your brand.
You have probably noticed that your brand suddenly appeared in a lot of additional places online.  Search engines, maps, directories, and reputation sites & blogs.  You didn't create them, you don't know where they are, and you currently don't control them...YET!
If it wasn't bad enough of a story, in today's SEO world, if those listings point to your site as links and are not screaming your information with accuracy and consistency it can actually hurt how your main site gets positioned on search engine results pages.
We offer a service that lets us help you control your brand on around 300 of the most influential and popular sites.  These sites can help your local presence and can be found on mobile phones, mobile apps and automobile navigation systems.
Our services start at $49/month for sites, and our full service package including manual site corrections is only $99/month and includes powerful search engine directory modifications and claiming.
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